Fract #1

Royalties: 10%


Fract is one long segmented line, starting with a random position and direction. Coordinates are limited to fractional components, wrapping the line around the canvas. Patterns emerge from the repetition and rhythm of overlapping line segments. It is responsive and can be displayed at any size and aspect ratio. Fract explores the contrast between the simplicity of an algorithm and the complexity and variation it can produce. It references the origins of computation in weaving and textile design, geometric abstraction, colour field painting, and early generative art. The work is inspired by Agnes Martin, Sol Le Witt, and Marcel Schwittlick. On compatible viewers, you can interact with the artwork by: - Double-clicking to enter fullscreen - Pressing “s” to save the canvas - Pressing "c" to reveal the code

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Minted by Code Canvas Concierge for 10 SOL ($192.00)
a year ago

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