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Alessandro Fiore

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"Umbrae" is a Latin word with multiple meanings. In the context of paintings, it refers to a shadow or color shade. However, figuratively, it can also denote "shelter" or “protection." The Umbrae collection is a captivating exploration of generative art, showcasing the intricate beauty that arises from the layering of strokes and lines. Each layer serves to shade or protect the one beneath it, culminating in a rich and complex texture. The layering process is the driving force behind the creation of these works. Each piece comprises multiple layers, adding depth and complexity with each stroke. As the layers stack, they create a shadowy depth that lends the pieces a haunting quality, drawing the viewer in. Great attention is paid to the use of color, with each palette carefully selected to create a different and special mood for each piece. Some palettes feature high contrast, while others play with subtle, muted colors. It's worth noting that each palette is named after an Italian location that holds a special place in my heart and is connected to some of my fondest memories.