Scenes from a Train Window


Scenes from a Train Window

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'Scenes from a Train Window' is a generative art collection inspired by train journeys across Japan. This generative collection creates both city life and countryside scenes as seen from the viewpoint of a fast-moving train. The collection highlights the contrast between fond memories of hometowns, with their quiet towns and simple lifestyles, and the exciting draw of city life. The images encourage viewers to think about the balance between the peaceful charm of rural life and the energetic pulse of the city. Each output illustrates a unique moment, blending the calm beauty of the countryside with the lively atmosphere of urban environments. The artwork invites viewers to reflect on the connections between tradition and modernity, as well as personal goals and happiness. Some outputs employ specific color palettes to focus further on the generation of emotions rather than just the representation of a landscape or scene. These pieces invite the viewer to connect viscerally, and invoke a sense of nostalgia or feeling. Artworks with matching color palettes can be placed together in groups of two, three, or more to create a continuous visual journey for the viewer.